Friday, August 10, 2007

My Name in Lights, er . . . Print

Because there are so many of you that read my blog, it should be good to let you know that it appears I will be able to have something of my views in another form of distribution. For at least a year now I have been researching the natural explanations of the Star of Bethlehem (affectionately known as the SoB by planetarium staff) and have found these explanations to all fail; some just fail much worse than others. It becomes all the worse when thus hypotheses depend on changing the dates of the reign of Herod the Great or the census of Cyrenius (Quirinius). There's a ten-year contradiction at least which obviously is no good for inerrantists or for anyone that wants to consider the story in Matthew as historically reliable. Oh, and never mind that this is the same author that has a virgin birth, and unrecorded of the slaughter of tens or hundreds of babies, has earthquakes and dead men rising when Jesus died and entering Jerusalem, not to mention the resurrection of another dead man. But the SoB, that may be real. Based on what? Unfortunately, there seems to be nothing that supports this tale as a reliable account.

And now I get to tell a lot of people. Sky & Telescope has stated that they are willing to print an article on the subject by me, though it will be limited in words, making a full argument impossible. Try refuting four centuries of research in less than 2000 words! But that is what I am going to try. See you in December.

Monday, August 6, 2007


There has been a significant effort to try to make the presence of atheists known. It is interesting to use the Scarlet Letter, as if I am demonstrating adultery instead of non-belief. But since that book wasn't very good, in my opinion, nor is it widely read (nor should it), let the letter be used; the stigma will exist none the less. Besides, when one is unmarried it is difficult to commit adultery.