Thursday, January 29, 2009


So far, January has been nice and crazy. The new President certainly is worth talking about, and already the politics is getting hot. The winter storms recently have certainly made life a bit odd, considering the university actually closed yesterday. That never happened when I was at MSU, and the last time it did in 1994 was when the wind chill was 40F below, considered possibly lethal to walking students. It wasn't that bad here in Ohio, but the roads were supposed to have been aweful.

But what is making this month eventful for me are weddings. There are two this month, and in both I'm a groomsman. The first was a couple of weeks ago, and the next is on the last day of the month. This means a lot of tux fitting and a lot of driving. Not to mention lots of bachelor parties, including in other nations--Canada. Of course, I do like looking nice and dancing crazy with my girlfriend, but there is a lot of running around to be done, especially when I have to drive for more than four hours just to get to any one location I need to be in for Michigan events. But, in the end, it is worth it.

Also, the newest issue of Sky & Telescope has hit news stands, so my letter to the editor should be in there, but I haven't checked yet. I wonder what responses I can expect. I bet this will make an interesting February.


Anonymous said...

I read your ltr in March 09 Sky and Telescope magazine. I checked our your referenced blog. I agree with you on this subject.
"Jesus" Yeshua is a myth. There was no town of Nazareth during the early mythological years of Yeshua, either.
And, Isaiah was writing about himself.
Unfortunately, we'll always get a "Star of Bethlehem" program every "Christmas" holiday.

Anonymous said...

Weddings are exhausting. I am having a very non-trad wedding almost solely for that reason!