Thursday, September 29, 2011

Let Go of Your Hate

For some time now, there has been an ongoing "debate" in the skeptical/atheist community about the subject of feminism largely due to a talk by Rebecca Watson about a bad pass made at her in an awkward and creepy situation, and so many could not handle the things she had to say about this, namely, don't do this.

The vile that has been poured out from this has been really nuts, and I fail to understand why it makes so many so angry. The only silver lining I have found is that it means there are lights being shined on the problem of latent sexism in the skeptical community, and I have also become more aware of how women can feel about social interactions. But that lining seems all the thinner when the putrid hatred keeps coming from the haters.

Recently Rebecca showcased how bad the comments directed towards her have been even months after the "incident", and PZ has weighed in as well. It seems worth saying that this sort of stupid, juvenile, and despicable crap needs to be shown for the garbage it is. I'm on Ms. Watson's side, and I hope she continues to talk about feminist issues because it's the only way this stupidity can be left behind.

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