Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Secular and Feminist Movement

There has been a crazy-level of rage in the Internet by those that think feminist issues should not be part of organized atheism or skepticism, and talking about it is divisive. And it has been grinding away at the best women in movement because of stupidity and/or bigotry. But if history has anything to say about it, the two movements are strongly intertwined.

Here is a great talk by Annie Laurie Gaylor about the history of women in the freethought movement for centuries.

It seems to be a fact that led many women to fight for their rights also lead them to rail against religion. And for many of the same reasons modern atheists attack theism. I think that is enough to show that the goals of feminism are entwined with that of skeptics and atheists. So we need to stop the bigotry.

Here is a talk that also shows some idea of what needs to be done by Pamela Gay (who is a believer but a great asset to the skeptical world).

Update: Pamela put up an annotated version of her talk.

Let's get things right!

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