Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Yes, The GOP Is Crazy Anti-Woman

My previous post about how those in the Republican Party are amazingly anti-woman because of their abortion policies, namely to restrict abortion access even to rape victims, would seem to paint a broad brush. I even advocating not voting for anyone in the GOP.

And my brush was accurately wide it would seem. As reported by the Huffington Post's Amdana Turkel, more than 40 of the Republican candidates for Senate and House oppose abortion for rape or incest victims.  This is based on the "good marks" given by RNC For Life, which approves 2012 candidates based on their abortion stance. It was interesting to see no one from Ohio on there, but there are two Michigan Reps running this year, one of whom is an incumbent.

And even though the Onion effectively satirizes this, it is rather clear that the Republicans do have a War on Women, and their denials are both politically savvy and showing how ignorant of how damaging their policies are. You can't end funding to Planned Parenthood and care about women's health, yet Texas and various goons in Washington want to do just that. You can't run panels about birth control without any female representatives and then call women requesting access to it "sluts". Oh, and you can't be ignorant about how rape can and does cause pregnancies, something you would hopefully research before legislating unless you are a professional dipshit.

(We can add to that another idiot that thinks only gay sex can transmit HIV.)

You know, this is definitely enough reason no one should vote for the GOP even if they are pro-life, as I argued in my prior blog post. If we add to that the dismissal of the science of climate change and evolution by the party at large, and the economic policies that just don't work and are likely counter-productive (as evidenced in Zombie Economics), and remembering the gross incompetency of the prior Republican administration (false-leads into Iraq War, crap response to Katrina, deregulation allowing banks to promote sub-prime loans that helped lead to the 2008 collapse), and there is simply no rational reason to vote Republican.

Unless all your income is via capital gains, then you will pay less than 1% on income taxes (while my taxes go up!). And you have no sense of community or compassion. Then it might seem reasonable. In a pig's eye.

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