Saturday, September 15, 2012

Ancient Aliens? My Presentation

Previously I had blogged about various evidences provided for ancient aliens, such as the Nazca Lines, the Baghdad battery, the Piri Re'is map, and the pyramids. I also gave a summary about the methodology of ancient astronaut proponents. But all this was to give some flavor of my presentation.

Quite fortunately, the video of my talk that I gave for the SSA at OSU is already up. You can watch it now.

UPDATE: Had trouble using the BSG opening bit, so here is the video re-edited to avoid that.

And yes, that picture with Jill Tarter did include me. I had a great time working at the SETI Institute back in the day. Also, since she has retired, Gerry Harp is now the head of the institute's research, and he was my adviser when I worked with him as an REU student.

Remember, the SETI Institute is funded solely by private donations. Consider supporting their work. They are doing the archaeology of the future!

So, what are your thoughts?


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