Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Presidential Science Debate 2012

The people of Science Debate have done some great work and have had the main candidates for US president answer some questions about their policies concerning science. There were questions about global warming, innovation, education, and vaccinations.

I noted the Romney answers were more extensive that Obama's, so it's probably a good place to get informed about the Republican challenger's positions. I also noted that Romney says here that global warming is real and due in part from human activities. While he has been flip-floppy on issues, here he has been reasonably consistent, though the rest of his party is much more strongly against the proposition that humans cause global warming and something should be done.

Nonetheless, give this a read. Sure there are plenty of platitudes (these were written by politicians and their followers, after all), but they still help us know what is going on in the potential administrations. And you definitely didn't learn it from the GOP primary debates.

As a side note, almost no one in the Congress who was asked about science questions responded; only two thus far have. And John Boehner, Speaker of the House, is flat out declined. It's probably worth while giving your representatives a call or email.

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