Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Romney Gaffes

By now everyone who will care has heard about the statements Mitt Romney made in a millionaire fundraiser back in May that was released by Mother Jones. And arguing it was "out of context" won't help here, especially since the full video of the event is now available with transcripts.

Calling nearly half the country moochers in effect, people that can't take responsibility for themselves and need government help, isn't going to be popular. And the facts are amazingly wrong; about 47% don't pay income taxes because they are in interesting categories such as the 2/3 that have payroll taxes (something Romney doesn't pay), the the elderly who don't have an income, or the soldiers fighting overseas whose combat pay isn't taxes. Sure there are some left that indeed don't work hard and are not responsible, but it's no where near 150 million people in the US.

That coupled with statements of how Palestinians don't want peace or that Latinos becoming a voting block for Democrats like African Americans are would be bad for the country, and this hasn't been a good week. But fortunately, we can still get some comedy joy out of this.

Take it away, Jon!

But that just wasn't miserly enough.  Hmm, maybe this?

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Oh, what joy. But really, if Romney wins now I don't know what to think.

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