Thursday, September 6, 2012

Clinton at the Dem Convention

It looks like former President Bill Clinton gave a rousing speech at the Democratic National Convention, which again I didn't watch. I saw a lot of happy tweets, especially from Hemant Mehta (twitter here), but most importantly I cared about what got through the fact checkers.

Last time the Dems were pushing a number of jobs created under Obama, and those numbers were spun. But Clinton was able to correctly cite the 4.5 million new private-sector jobs in the last 29 months. And he also got the other major facts in his speech on  the economy and the Romney plan correct. A run-down on how his facts check out is done here.

Other facts Clinton got right:

  • Jobs creation greater under Democrats than Republicans by nearly a factor of two.
  • The Romney plan means either skyrocketing debt increases, tax increases on the middle class, OR deep spending cuts. Note the "or", so he was careful in not saying what Romney's plan was (since Romney is being coy about that).
  • Debt grew spectacularly under Republican control (his numbers were just a little off on one point, but still close to the doubling of the debt under Bush 42, and definitely correction about the quadrupling of the debt under Reagan and Bush 41).
More fact-checking was done as well, and overall Clinton has a great overall score card.

So this was a speech that not only motivated a lot of liberals, but it also got the facts right, even fixing up the mistakes others in the part were making. No wonder Clinton was a Rhodes scholar.

You can watch is long speech here:

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